Fastest Shipping Single Phase Chain Hoist - 115/1/60

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Everyone wants to know, what is the fastest shipping single phase 115 volt chain hoist. Ever since the pandemic begun, chain hoist manufacturers have been plagued with disruptions in the hoist parts supply chain. Coffing JLC's and CM Lodestars chain hoists use a sinpac switch which has been hard to source since certain manufacturing operations ceased production during the pandemic. However, one of the major U.S. brands does not use the sinpac switch design. 


The fastest shipping single phase (115 volt) chain hoist, is the Budgit Manguard Electric Chain Hoist.

The Budgit Manguard does not use the sinpac switch in their electrical design, and therefore these hoists can be shipped in as little as 20 business days. The Budgit ManGuard is a tried and true chain hoist, and comes from the same factory as the Coffing JLC and CM Lodestar hoist lines. Click any link in this article or the picture below to view the Budgit ManGuard lineup. 

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