CM Manual Hoists

CM manual chain hoist. We carry a variety of Columbus McKinnon manual chain hoist, including the Tornado 360 chain hoist, Bandit chain hoist, CM Series 653 ratchet lever chain hoist, Short Handle Puller, and the Series 640 Puller chain hoist. If your application calls for lifting a heavy load with lifting chain, the CM line of manual chain hoist can help make that heavy-lift light work.

Many of our customers prefer to lift with the CM Tornado 360, or the Bandit hoist. The series 653 ratchet lever hoist, and the Series 640 chain hoist are also solid industry lifting devices that will deliver years of use. 

Using the hand chain to raise or lower a load requires you to pull the chain located on a chain-sheave wheel in its lifting mechanism. The lifting chain then raises or lowers a load by looping the lift chain around its own chain-sheave lifting mechanism. The lower grab hook allows you to attach lifting slings, a lifting chain, wire rope slings, and the contents of the load. A top hook located at the top of the manual chain hoist’s housing allows you to anchor the hoist to a beam clamp,  trolley system, or another type of structure that can handle the weight of the load.