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What is the headroom for a Coffing JLC2016 hoist?

I get this question often, so I figured I would share some dimensional drawings here. The Coffing JLC2016 offers a variety of suspension options. 

JLC2016 - Hook Mount Suspension 

The most commonly purchased JLC is the Hook Mount version. Customers purchasing the hook mount version generally already own a push/pull trolley or a beam clamp by which the hoist will hang from. 

JLC2016 Headroom JLC2016 Hook Mount Headroom

As we can see above, the hook mounted chain hoist has a hook to hook headroom of 18-1/8". This amount should be added to the overall clearance needed. If you require 120" (10') of clearance below the hook, you would want to set your trolley plate somewhere around 144" (12') above floor level. Doing this will ensure the hook can reach the 10' height plus a couple inches for good measure. 


JLCUTP2016 - Push Trolley Lug Mount

The second most commonly purchased JLC2016 is the lug mounted push trolley version. The JLCUTP2016 manual trolley is adjustable for beam flanges ranging between 2.3" - 8.6". Options are available for beam flanges outside those parameters, call 800-724-4052 x101 for a custom quote. 

JLCUTP2016 HeadroomCoffing JLCUTP2016 Headroom Dimensions

As you can see above, the headroom for a manual push trolley JLC2016 is equal to approximately 18-3/8".  


JLCUTM2016 - Motorized Trolley

The third most commonly purchased JLC2016 is the motorized trolley version. The JLCUTM2016 includes a motorized trolley in a variety of 3-phase power options. The motorized trolley is not capable of running on single phase power (i.e. 115/1/60). 3-Phase options are 208/3/60, 230/3/60, and 460/3/60. The motorized trolley can be ordered in 3 different speed offerings, 15 ft/min, 35 ft/min, and 75 ft/min. Much like the manual trolley option, the motorized version is adjustable and will accommodate I-Beam flanges between 2.3" and 8.6" wide. If you have a beam flange outside this range, we have solutions available that are not included in the standard online pricing. Call 800-724-4052 for a custom quote. 

JLCUTM2016 HeadroomJLCUTM2016 Headroom Dimensions

Similar to the push trolley model, the motorized version has a headroom of approximately 18-3/8". As previously stated, you will want to add the amount of headroom to your crane height, as well as your chain hoist amount of lift. If you need to move a 10' tall item, your crane HUB (Height Under Boom) should be no less than 12', and the hoist should be equipped with at least 12' of lift. That is assuming you only have to clear the ground by a couple inches, if more ground clearance is required in the example given, than a crane height above 12' will be required. 

Did you know, the Chain Hoist Store also sells bridge cranes including free standing workstation cranes, Jib Cranes, Gantry Cranes, and more. Call 800-724-4052 x101 to discuss your crane application and receive your quote and approval drawings. 


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